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How to Deal with Adblocker Blockers

by Andrew

More and more websites are asking their visitors to disable ad blocking software, and many are even going so far as stopping users from seeing their content if they arrive with these extensions on-board. Equal to the frustration of sites in this matter is that of the users, who are being asked to repeat the experience that made them block ads in the first place.

Sites would of course prefer not to serve ads that tend to play on the patience of their users, but they prefer to protect the revenue source of online ads, however dwindling that resource has been, and it's been dwindling for a while..

Even still, there are several ways to deal with this problem - only some that actually block the adblock detectors - and one involving a win-[sort of] win situation for both sides.
In Case You Hit an Ad Blocker Wall

Ad blocker blocker in action
Some sites have ad blocker detection. There are several ways to solve this problem, from turning ad blocking off to downloading software that blocks anti-ad block messages, like this one from

Today, there are a lot of web sites that have made up a response to ad blocking - raising pop-ups alerting a user that they know what is going on and would prefer that the behavior stop. In some, but not all cases, stopping the behavior will be required, or their content will be a no-go for that user. When that happens, there are two (well actually three) ways to respond.

Method 1 - Just Turn off Your Ad Blocker
Turn off ad blocking on that site entirely. Here's how -
Click the Adblock Plus or AdBlock icon (top left or right depending on your version) and click 'Enabled on this site' for Adblock Plus, or 'Pause on this site' or 'Don't block ads on this site'.

You'll need to refresh the page so it knows there's no more ad blocker to block.

Method 2 - 'Escape' It
You can use the next decidedly non-technical shortcut to pre-empt the ad block blocker: the escape key.

1. Refresh the page and just before the page fully loads press the escape key. This sometimes takes several repeat actions but it works to block the message in many cases. Just be careful not to do it too soon after refresh or the main web site content may be prevented from loading, along with the ad-blocker-blocker banner.

Method 3 - Add an Ad Blocker Blocker Detector
If you don't feel comfortable with tricking a site, there are cleaner ways to stop ad blocker detectors.

Ad blocker-blocker-blockers are a mostly reliable way to block anti-ad blocker messages here, at

Recommended Solution
So there are multiple ways to take on these pop-ups, and for the record, the recommendation of this site is to take the high road and use option 1. After all, it saves sites some income plus, on the bright side, you can turn it on again when you leave.

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