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Ad Blocker Filters: Block Non-Ad Online Elements by Category

by Andrew

NOTE - The filters 'Malware protection' through 'Easy Privacy' can be installed in AdBlock by opening the menu (click the AdBlock icon), going to 'Options', then 'Filter Lists' and checking the appropriate box(es), or by using the download links.

For Adblock Plus, the download links must be followed in order to add any filter.
'Malware protection'

This filter is all about blocking of sources of viruses on the internet, meaning links to websites which spread viruses are disabled from appearing in your browser while AdBlock, and this filter, are turned on.

Still, this protection is from sites that distribute viruses only, so the rogue email attachment or infected, downloaded file can still apply malware to your computer. Keeping firewalls active - they are default software in both Windows and Mac- will help, as will scanning all downloads with a solid antivirus program before you open them. Note - just downloading a file may not necessarily transmit a virus, but opening the file if it is in fact corrupted will.

Add the filter from this link.
'Antisocial filter list'

Stops social network tracking that happens while you're off of these sites. For instance, Facebook could start tracking you after you visit a page with its 'Share' or 'Like' button anywhere on it, because the icon plants a tracking cookie in your browser. The filter blocks those icons, and that tracking.

You can add this filter by visiting this link.
'Adblock Warning Removal list'

This is more a purported feature than a real feature - it's supposed to block messages from sites telling you it knows you are using an ad blocker, and to please turn it off, sometimes requiring the move. This filter seems to block a percentage of them rather than all of them, but it's hard to imagine how having the filter on can hurt you.

Add this filter in Adblock Plus by clicking its icon to produce the menu, click 'Options', then move to the 'Filter Lists' section and check the box next to 'Adblock Warning Removal List'.

For more tips on dealing with ad blocker walls you can check out this article.
'Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Mining Protection List'

Strange as it may sound, it is possible for people you don't know to use your browser for extra computing power to 'mine' (create) cryptocurrency. Of course, cryptocurrency can ultimately turn into real currency, so the incentive to create more of it is real. Now that we know that, it's clear why some have taken to finding ways to using other people's computers for this purpose. This filter blocks those people from doing that.

To turn on this filter in Adblock Plus:

Click its icon > Select 'Options' > Now click on 'Add your own filters' > Copy and paste this entire line of code


> Click 'Add filter' to finalize.

This filter is all about blocking tracking related to ads.

But wait, you may say. If ads are blocked already, how is the issue of tracking coming from them still an issue?

The answer is that online ads are both a source and a result of tracking. This filter blocks the tracking that results in ads, like those you've seen that relate to past searches and to pages you have visited. These trackers will keep on tracking because they don't know or care whether their signals ultimately produce ads - they are just computers running on commands.

Add this filter by visiting this link.
'Anti-Facebook List'

A set of filters that blocks tracking on Facebook. This is distinct from the 'Anti Social Filter List' above because that list is for those armies of trackers sent from their networks to the outside.

This filter is for tracking that happens (or that would happen) while you are browsing on only.

Add this filter by visiting this link.
'Lead Generator List'

This convenient filter blocks pop-ups in the form of chat windows that ask users if they want or need help on when they visit a web page.

Add this filter by visiting this link.
'Facebook 'Seen' Message Notification Removal List'

A filter that blocks Facebook from displaying 'Seen' to another user when you have read their message.

Add this filter by visiting this link.
'YouTube Comment Removal List'

Blocks the sometimes-infamous comment section on YouTube.

Add this filter by visiting this link.
'YouTube Suggested Videos Removal List'

Removes the sidebar of suggested videos on YouTube.

Add this filter by visiting this link.

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